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Stage One

July 24, 2019

We have finally started working on the main drag tank! We started by drilling a hole for the water to go from the tank to the sump filter. We unpacked the RedFlex sump by Pro-Clear Aquatic Systems and put it in place. We then began working on the lighting system which comprises of T5 and LED lighting with the mounting unit by AquaticLife. We still have some work ahead so stay tuned for more updates! 

It’s Go Time!!

July 04, 2019

The ~120 gallon tank is now on its new home. Once we get the sump from Pro-Clear Aquatic Systems we will start working on plumbing. Thank you all for your continuing support! 





Let it Shine!

June 14, 2019

Thank you so much to AquaticLife for helping us with our project by donating a T5/LED Hybrid light mounting unit and a 4stage ro/di unit. All we need now are the T5 bulbs and the LED lights as well as a storage tank for the ro/di water which we will be getting in soon. Thank you for your help in getting us to this point! Keep an eye out for more updates and continue to spread the word! 



Thank You For Your Support!!!

May 21, 2019

Thank you for your support and getting us to the halfway mark! Because of this we have decided to push back the last day of our crowdfunding event so that we can get even closer to our goal. Because of your support we are continuing to move forward on our project. We are currently waiting on our custom sump for our filtration from Pro-Clear Aquatics so stay tuned for that update. Thank you again and help spread the word!   

SAAC Nominated for Program of the Year Award!!

April 17, 2019

The Stockton Aquarium and Aquaculture Club has been nominated for the Program of the Year Award. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 18th and will be attended by executive board members and faculty advisors of the many organizations here at Stockton University to celebrate their accomplishments for the 2018-2019 year. We hope our programs and projects such as our on-campus aquarium service and the coral farm will help our mission. Thank you to all who have supported us! Stay Tuned!   

The Main Frag Tank Is Here!

March 04, 2019

It was very heavy and time consuming, but the ~120 gallon tank that will house the coral frags is nice and squeaky clean! Once it is dried and the space where the farm will be set up is cleared, the team will start on the construction of the stand. Thank you for your support in getting us here! Stay tuned!!

SAAC Sets Up biOrb at NAMS Administrative Office

February 19, 2019

 In the meantime, while we are raising money for our Coral Farm....


The SAAC recently set up a 16 gallon biOrb classic aquarium that was donated by Oase. The aquarium will be housing the red neon blue-eye rainbowfish which are nearly threatened according to the CARES Preservation Program. Members of the SAAC will be maintaining the aquarium giving them hands on experience in freshwater aquaria from tank maintenance, water quality, to fish health and quarantining. This also gives a insight into public aquaria care of public exhibits. Feel free to check out our article for the full story!  

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