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Help Us Build A Coral Farm!

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Help Us Build A Coral Farm!

What is the Coral Farm?

The Stockton Aquarium and Aquaculture Club (SAAC) is working to setup a coral frag aquaculture system at the Stockton University marine field station aquaria lab. It will comprise of 3 tanks, the ~120 gallon tank will house coral frags from mother corals and the  2 smaller ~66 gallon tanks will house corals we are growing to continue fragging or will be used for any research projects/education purposes or to house new or sick corals for quarantine. Below is a example of a coral aquaculture system.




How Your Gift Will Be Used 

The farm will allow members of the SAAC who are interested in coral aquaculture, husbandry as well as general saltwater systems to grow aquacultured corals for the aquarium trade. This farm will allow our members to get hands on experience maintaining saltwater aquaria as well as learning about coral husbandry. The farm will also be used for coral conservation awareness, education and outreach programs, class instructions and will also be available to faculty and students for any research requiring live coral specimens. Once the coral frags are of appropriate size, students will take these aquacultured corals to aquarium shows such as Reef-A-Palooza, The Aquatic Experience, annual SAAC Trade Show as well as our annual community meeting and fundraiser dinner and frag swaps where they will be sold giving our members an insight into the booming industry for corals and reef aquaria and all proceeds will help keep the farm going for many years to come.





Here's How You Can Help

This is a unique project that has never been done before at Stockton University and we hope it will help in bringing coral conservation awareness as well as the benefits of aquaculture to many of our students and community members for years to come. However, in order for this project to become a reality we need your help! The larger frag tank will be utilizing state of the art equipment which will allow the students working on the farm to become familiarized with modern technology in the aquarium hobby. The smaller system will be more of a DIY project where the SAAC members will build the system on a lower budget. 


The SAAC welcomes product donations, as well!  If you have any questions or would like to donate equipment or supplies please feel free to contact us at

Meet the Stockton Aquarium and Aquaculture Club (SAAC)!

The SAAC was formed in February of 2018 by a group of students who have a passion for fish keeping and aquatic conservation. As of today, the SAAC has around 60 members. The purpose of this organization is to provide a friendly and safe environment for aquarium hobbyists to get together and share, as well as learn, about different topics in aquatic husbandry and aquaculture in both the private and public sector. One of our goals is to also promote aquatic husbandry and aquaculture through outreach and educational events as well as research. The SAAC is also a place for students, faculty and staff who have never kept or maintained aquariums but are interested, to have access to this source of knowledge to help them get into the hobby and field. The club will connect students to internship, job and research opportunities in aquarium sciences as well as in aquaculture.


THANK YOU for your help in helping us further explore aquatic husbandry education, conservation and awareness.    


Choose a giving level


Coral Frags

Your gift will help us stock the farm with beautiful coral frags.


Food & Additives

Your gift will help us maintain our healthy corals with supplements and foods.


Reef Aquaria Salt

Your gift will help us maintain fresh saltwater for our systems.


Hands-On Experience

Your gift will allow our members to have hands-on experience in coral aquaculture and husbandry.


Message of Conservation

Your gift will allow us to spread awareness about coral reef conservation and educate the community of its importance.

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