Africana Studies Study Tour

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Africana Studies Study Tour

What are the primary goals of the West Africa Study Tour?

The primary goals of the West Africa Study Tour are to educate students about West Africa, specifically Senegal and The Gambia, and their extensive histories. Students will have the opportunity to explore the city, beaches and museums, and gaze upon ancient monuments and statues. Students will also have an opportunity to embrace the rich culture of Senegal and The Gambia on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.



Why is the West Africa Study Tour Important?

The West Africa Study Tour is important because traveling to other countries can be a huge wake up call for students. Things they may take for granted, like having running hot water, modern appliances and the opportunity to study and get a well paid job, are not available to everyone. Furthermore, traveling to countries like Senegal and The Gambia will allow students to see for themselves what Africa has to offer, rather than what the media has portrayed. Travel allows students to immerse themselves in other cultures and strengthen their appreciation for diversity. For many of the students in the class, this will be their first time traveling, not just out of country, but to an entirely different continent. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime, so being able to capitalize on it would be a blessing. This trip also gives the students and faculty involved an opportunity to see up close what they have only read about in books.  


How You Can Help?

This trip is approximately $2600 per student. There are five students enrolled in the course with their hearts set on this travel opportunity. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, as students are excited to finally make this trip a reality. 


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