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"Help Our Community Hear It All" Audiometer Drive

$210 has been raised from 5 gifts to benefit the Stockton Speech & Hearing Clinic

"Help Our Community Hear It All" Audiometer Drive

Serving Our Community with Care and Expertise

The Speech and Hearing Clinic serves as both a training ground for students who are preparing to become speech-language pathologists and also a much needed service to the community by supporting those who are affected by communication challenges.

How You Can Help! 

Currently, our greatest need is to replace our audiometer with a new state-of- the art device that allows us to evaluate the hearing needs of members of our community. In addition, a replacement audiometer will allow us to continue to provide auditory processing evaluations for children experiencing learning challenges at school. Assessment of hearing health should be a component of every speech and language evaluation. Please help us as we work to full-fill our program mission:

The mission of the Master of Science in Communication Disorders Program is to prepare students for New Jersey Licensure and for certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in speech-language pathology, as well as for certification as Speech-Language Specialists by the New Jersey Department of Education; to demonstrate the principles of evidence-based practice; to provide opportunities for continuing education; and to provide direct clinical services to the surrounding community.

Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a tremendous impact on our ability to fulfill our mission. 

 About the Stockton University Speech and Hearing Clinic

The Stockton University Speech and Hearing Clinic provides therapeutic and diagnostic services for children and adults with communication disorders. The services provided at Clinic are conducted by graduate students who work under the direct supervision of a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Services include speech, language, and hearing evaluations as well as treatment for those diagnosed with a communication disorder.

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