School of Business Student Internship Program

School of Business Student Internship Program

Non-Profit Internship Stipend

Non-profit organizations usually operate on tight budgets and prioritize using their funds to furthering their mission.  Students are often drawn to the mission of these organizations and so will do their internship at a non-profit or governmental agency.  Such internships can be wonderful opportunities for the students, but these organizations are rarely able to compensate students.  Support Stockton, a student and a non-profit mission all at the same time by helping the School of Business award stipends to these community minded students.



Why is it Important?

Even when they aren’t paid, interns incur costs when they do an internship --- they still need lunch, they still need to pay for transportation to the internship site, and they often need to invest in professional attire.  The financial stress on the student can take a toll on the student’s overall educational experience. 




Who Benefits and How Can I Help?

Everyone! Working in a non-profit will give a student a well-rounded opportunity to experience all that goes into running a business. The non-profit organization experiences great benefits from fresh faces and new thoughts coupled with a high energy level. This program is a triple-win, benefiting our students, the School of Business and our community organizations. Make a gift in support of our student Business Internship Program. Gifts of any size make a big difference and support student internship expenses and a well-rounded education!




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