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The School of Business provides high quality, affordable undergraduate and graduate education strongly infused with the liberal arts and connected to our surrounding communities. The faculty delivers excellence in teaching and actively pursues scholarly activities and professional development that contribute to classroom effectiveness. The faculty produces scholarly works that advance the knowledge and practice of business, hospitality and tourism management, and computer science and information systems. The school strives to have a positive impact on the wider community, responding to the evolving needs of the Southern New Jersey region, the State of New Jersey and beyond.



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  • Scholarships - The School of Business wants to continue to offer scholarships to deserving students who are studying or seeking careers in the field of Business.

"I have come a long way ever since freshman year at Stockton University. At first, I was declared undecided because I was unsure of what major I would choose. But during my spring semester as a freshman, I chose Computer Science and Information Systems as my declared major. As a programmer, you code easy to hard programs every day, but as you are coding, you are learning a lot about the syntax and logic behind the code. As a software developer, you generate code to build applications that can run various systems, say for example the Mental Health Care Patient Management System. Without these skill sets at my disposal, I would not have made it this far as a Computer Science student. I have even been offered internship and job positions for software development and web development. " Sheikh Mahmud, Student Scholarship Recipient School of Business


  • Program Support - Philanthropic contributions are essential to providing innovative academic programming, student enrichment opportunities and research experiences. Opportunities like conferences and internships provide hands-on learning for students beyond the classroom and allow them to network as engaged citizens. Faculty spend time working with the community and the wider region in many projects. This research can have direct impact on the future for students, curriculum, and the community itself.  By contributing to our programs, you have lasting impact on student learning and our community. 

Alumni share how the School of Business impacted their Stockton experience and career path:


"After considering every possible route I could take in my future, I decided to become a full-time Systems Administrator with Barrette Outdoor Living, an international company which I had taken an internship with before I graduated. I’m able to do the job that I’ve always wanted to do and work on some extra things on the side, such as my research into Virtual Reality, thanks to the School of Business. Their faculty and staff all helped facilitate my success and for that I am hugely thankful. "  David Somers '17     


"This school is dedicated to helping their students and definitely gave me the push I needed to hold myself to a higher standard and strive to put forth my best work.  I loved it so much I came back to these very same Professors for guidance while pursuing my MBA!" Kristen Comose '15




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