School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS)

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS)

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) provides a rigorous, student-centered curriculum for science and mathematics majors with an emphasis on faculty-mentored student research. We pride ourselves in providing our undergraduate students a unique, high-quality education in a small-school environment. With your support, we will continue to offer opportunities that enable our students to develop laboratory and field based skills that are necessary for success in future employment, as well as understanding and communicating scientific findings to the community at large.


In addition, support from generous donors allows us to continue to bridge the gap of educational disparities within our local community by providing scholarships to talented students from underrepresented populations. Your gift today will help us to continue to make a difference within our community and provide incredible opportunities for the long-term success of our students. 


How you can help:

Make an impact and a gift today by contributing to one of our NAMS priorities:

  • Scholarships - NAMS wants to continue to offer scholarships to deserving students who are studying and seeking a career in the fields of science and mathematics.

  • Program Support - NAMS strives to provide every student with an enriching experience. Program support provides the resources necessary to offer a well-rounded education such as student and faculty program research opportunities. 

Philanthropic contributions are essential for future leaders in the sciences and support academic programming in our cutting-edge facilities and diverse learning environments. We offer a rigorous, student-centered curriculum with emphasis on teaching and faculty-mentored student research. The Unified Science Center, the opening of the Unified Science Center 2, the Pinelands National Reserve and the Marine Field Station all provide an atmosphere for excellence in both teaching and learning. Graduates in the sciences and mathematics have a high success rate in graduate and professional school admissions, as well as securing employment within their areas of study. 


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